Patrick’s Having Issues Again

Last week, Patrick had a lot of troubles eating and didn’t feel well because of his bi-weekly dose of chemotherapy. But, when I watched him walk around and just watched the way that his is/was moving his body in general, I noticed that he seems to be having issues getting around. He also seems to be in pain. Plus, I caught him in the litter box unable to actually use the bathroom because he could not find a comfortable way to squat.

But he started eating again by Tuesday so we thought that his symptoms had passed. Yesterday, though, he began to have issues eating. Because of the timing of this it can’t be due to chemotherapy. So, I’m guessing that his arthritis in his back and his knees must be worsening.

We do have a medication at home that will help his arthritis called Dasiquin and there is a series of shots that he can have that will improve his arthritic symptoms (Adequin). I’m going to call the vet first thing tomorrow and see if we can start this treatment for him right away. Also, he has gotten acupuncture before for arthritic symptoms so we could start this up again.

It is pretty hard to see Patrick struggling like this so often. I know, though, that he is still finding enjoyment out of life. Last night he kissed my face for about half an hour before I went to bed, and in the mornings he usually also showers me with kisses as soon as I wake up. He’s a really sweet boy, and I don’t think that he wants to leave us anytime soon.

So I’ll just continue to give him loves and kisses and help him through this bump in the road. I’m never sure how much longer I will have with him, but he does keep on trying his best to live happily. That’s all I can really wish for.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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