Confirmation Bias

I’ve always understood Confirmation Bias as understanding people political views, understanding biases such as racism, and thing like that. But, this article helped me to understand this bias in a different way and to apply it to situations in my life that I didn’t understand. I’m always glad to be proven wrong when I think that I understand something but actually don’t have the full picture.

When I read this article, what I thought about was those people who barely know you who spread all kinds of rumors about you that really are just lies. You and the people close to you can’t really figure out where they are getting these ideas from, especially since the person sincerely believes them. I think that this happens to people quite frequently. I’ve had this happen before where someone barely knows me but decided all of these negative things about me based off of what they hear about me from other people versus actual interactions with me. Because of this, they spread actual lies about me and others, and I’m sitting there wondering how they even got to those conclusions. If you read the article below you can see that this sort of bullying behavior can happen in part due to the Confirmation Bias. People come up with all sorts of weird and false conclusions about things simply because they search for “facts” that back up pretty bizarre ideas, and will construe data and information to match their existing beliefs, fears, biases, etc., This can happen in every day social situations. If you’re interested to know more, go ahead and read this article. Thanks!

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