Patrick and I Had A Session Last Night in Spirit Communication and Healing

Yesterday evening, Patrick was wondering around the living room with an odd look on his face. He seemed to be searching for something or someone. I asked him what he was doing and he wasn’t sure. So I decided to ask him if he would like a pendulum healing and dowsing/divination session.

He excitedly said yes, and let me know that he would really like to speak to Grandma Avis. Grandma Avis is David’s paternal grandmother who loved cats. She originally owned Marmalade, and when she passed away David adopted him. Marmalade passed away in June 2018, and it seems as though Grandma Avis has taken a liking to the rest of the cats since then. I’m sure that Marmalade has a hand in this.

So I asked Patrick if he would like to speak to Marmalade too, and he said yes. Now, the way that this type of spirit communication typically works is that a person will program the pendulum for yes or no questions, and then call on a spirit to answer them. This can be done to gain spirit communication, or for divination (fortune telling) purposes.

When I do dowsing, though, I do it a little differently. I will call upon a spirit, and then wait to see if they are actually there by use of the pendulum. I can tell when or if they are when the pendulum begins to swing in wide circles. I find this to be an important step to ensure that there is a connection between a specific spirit before I attempt to communicate. Sometimes there is not a strong connection with a specific spirit that I want to talk to and also there is no guarantee that the spirit I’m looking for will join me in my session. I’ve found, too, that it is easy for someone to assume that a particular spirit is communicating through the pendulum when actually it’s a different spirit. This is why I wait for significant movement from the pendulum before I assume that a certain spirit is present.

This is actually how I found out that Grandma Avis is likely a guardian angel for the cats. Patrick and I were having a healing session, and as I called up my guardian angels and the ones who could be Patrick’s, I just wasn’t getting validation that any of the spirits were present. Then, for some reason, I had the inclination to see if Grandma Avis might be the one who was present. And she was! It was after this that I determined that she must be looking over all of the cats and is likely one of Patrick’s guardian angels.

I do not always ask questions or attempt to communicate with spirits through the pendulum or through direct communication. What I do is allow a spirit or guardian angel to channel energies into the pendulum and use that to enhance the natural healing properties of the pendulum. Pendulum healing is done to balance the Chakras, or to balance/release energy blocks within the body. It can not only bring balance to a person’s mental and emotional state but it can actually relieve pain in the body. It is used in Reiki healing and other forms of healing as well.

When I do pendulum healing, then, I attempt to bring a person or animal’s body into balance energetically, and/or attempt to clear areas and bring healing energy to places in the body that I know are blocked. Sometimes if an area is blocked it will take some extra time to get the pendulum to swing fully and in a circle around the area. Spending extra time on these areas promotes healing.

After Patrick heard that he was going to have a healing session last night, he jumped up on my lap and sat there completely still. He does this every time he gets a healing session. I began our session by holding the pendulum above his head with one hand and putting the other hand on his lower back in order to encourage energy flow. I then called upon Grandma Avis and then Marmalade. I could tell that they were present because when I asked them to come the pendulum swung wider for each one. I let Patrick enjoy some of the energies from these guardian angels. I also know that he usually communicates with them when they are around, which is part of the reason why he enjoys these sessions. Then I decided to try something new. I asked for my Uncle Pat, who is one of my guardian angels and Patrick’s namesake, to come forward.

And he did! Once he came forward the pendulum actually started to go this way and that. He definitely made an entrance. Then he asked me to let Patrick know that he is very proud of him and that he is very happy to have Patrick as his namesake. So I let Patrick know this, and he seemed very pleased! This was healing for me as well.

After this, I worked on his back. He has late stage arthritis in both his knees and his back, so these are places that I usually work on when I do energy healing with him. I held the pendulum with one hand above the area of his back that usually bothers him, and put another hand on his head to establish energy flow. Our guardian angels were still there and helped to bring extra healing energy to the pendulum and thus strengthen it’s healing effects. I worked on this place for awhile until I could tell that Patrick wanted to finish the session.

I plan on continuing to help the cats with energy healing, and eventually I want to learn Reiki once my health stabilizes.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more stories about alternative healing and animal communication.

2 thoughts on “Patrick and I Had A Session Last Night in Spirit Communication and Healing

  1. Thanks! Hereditary witches don’t always share their traditions outside of the family line. I decided to share these things anyways.


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