We Need to Take Better Care of People Who Suffer From Mental Illness

Now, you may notice that on my blog I have started to complain a lot, and much of this is in regards to the lack of proper treatment that I’ve had from psychiatrists and counselors in the US mental health care system in regards to treating my mental health conditions. The truth is, though, that my situation is not unique. All over the world people struggle with trying to find adequate treatment for mental health conditions. I am just another one of those people.

As I look over posts and comments made by people struggling with mental health conditions from all over the world, as well as talk to them individually, I begin to wonder if inadequate medical care is resulting in a higher number of treatment-resistant conditions than are currently recognized. I often see posts from others with depression or PTSD that sound exactly like me. People everywhere are struggling with suicidal thoughts and feelings and are trying to find a reason to live. I also see people like me who jump from treatment to treatment to treatment with little success, but are not labeled as treatment resistant. Where does this stop? When will it be possible for those of us with mental health conditions to get the help that we need?

I hear people talking about those of us with mental health conditions as if we are lazy, and hear things like “They need to learn to help themselves.” But we are trying to help ourselves. We just aren’t getting the help that we need to successfully do this.

Instead of pointing the finger at those with mental health problems and accusing us of being a problem for society, point the finger at those in the medical field who just don’t listen. Point the finger at politicians who refuse to better our medical system. Point the finger at those in Super Pharma who continue to raise prescription drug prices to the point where we can’t afford the medications that we need to not just get better but to survive. Stop pointing the finger at people with mental illnesses who try every day just to survive.

And if you are one of those who shame people with mental illness, point the finger at yourself. Shaming people who are sick only contributes to the overall problem. Also, if you can, try to be there for people who are suffering from mental illness. Too often I hear stories from people who are mentally ill that once they began to really have noticeable symptoms, or when they started to talk about their symptoms, that they suddenly they found themselves friendless and isolated. It is frightening that this happens as often as it does.

Today I am struggling to find the right medications and therapies for a number of conditions that have grown to become treatment resistant. Despite depression, hopelessness, fear, feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and suicidal thinking, among other things, I am going to keep working at this until I find a solution. I’m not going to give up on myself. If you are struggling, I hope that you too will continue to fight for yourself too.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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