Lucy, Tempest, and Perdi are Learning to Communicate with Me Too

I realized last night that I primarily talk about Patrick when it comes to my new found gift of the use of telepathy. This is because he is just the most talkative cat out of all four of the cats. He loves to vocalize and has always held little conversations with me through meowing, howling, and chortling. It’s very cute! Still, though, I do need to make a habit out of working with the rest of the cats even though Patrick can definitely monopolize my attention.

Perdi was actually the first cat to communicate with me through telepathy. At that point I was beginning to understand that I am an empath and have gifts. I had helped Marmalade pass over gracefully through my abilities as a medium. Soon after this, Perdi came and jumped up on my lap.

Then something funny happened. I felt a wave of energy come over me, and she looked at me and said, “Hi.”. It was only one word yet it carried so much meaning. And she had actually come up to me and said it out of the blue in a way that none of the other cats have done thus far. When she said it too I immediately knew that she had just communicated with me. There was no question about it.

Lucy has been communicating on and off with me for some time. Unlike Patrick, who uses words and phrases to communicate, Lucy usually sticks with one word at a time. His main type of communication is to just look at me and say “Mommy.”.

So last night I decided to work with him on this in a dedicated way. I talked to him and asked him if he can say mommy. He then said mommy to me right away. I let him know how proud I was of him for it. He quickly realized that he had done something worthy of praise and went to sit on his cat wheel, which is where he goes when he wants a treat. So he got a treat and I felt very good about our session.

Last but not least is Tempest. Even though he is a very friendly cat, I haven’t heard much from him in regards to animal communication. But last night I rubbed his tummy while he was laying on the ground and he said, “Yah! I’m getting my bully rubbed!” It was very cute.

I am also learning that animal communication is not all about the use of this type of telepathy. I have always just known how what my cats are thinking and feeling without having to actually consciously use telepathy. And I’m not sure if this kind of knowing is another form of telepathy or if it is an empath ability. I have also been communicating with the cats vocally ever since I got them and seem to be able to just say aloud what they’re saying or thinking without any effort at all. I’ll say something like, “Is he hungry?” as I interpret what one of their whining might mean. This type of communication just comes naturally to me. Overall, I’ve learned that there are many different ways to communicate with and understand animals.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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