Patrick’s Being a Sweetheart

I’m really exhausted today, so I’ve been laying in bed a lot. Patrick has decided to join me. There is one problem with this: I’m unable to rest because he will shower me with kisses for hours!

Even though I love cuddling with him, I put him in another room for awhile so that I could rest earlier today. When I let him out, though, he was quickly all over me again.

I tried to communicate with him about this to let him know that although I love his kisses, that mommy needs to sleep. He then let me know that he is doing this to help me sleep. So I told him that for me it keeps me up.

He then looked at me and said “kitty mommy.” Now I’m aware that Patrick and Lucy see me as their real mommy. In other words, they see me as a cat. But this is the first time that either has said so. So I decided to try to tell Patrick that I’m different than a kitty. But he still replied back with “kitty”. I told him, then, that this kitty needs to get some sleep.

He let me sleep for about ten minutes. Then he said “Wake up” and let me know that he didn’t think that I should sleep anymore. He started showering me with kisses again, and eventually just sat happily next to me while purring.

Overall I still find this situation cute, although others might disagree. I’ve always been a sucker for cats and dogs though.

Thanks for reading!

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