Mercury Is In Retrograde

Last week I started to notice more trolling on Facebook groups and on Facebook. I also experienced more negative and victim blaming comments than usual in a short time. I’ll share an experience with you that I may have shared last week. Bear with me if you’ve heard about this before.

I shared my blog post about grief to a woman in a Facebook support group who posted about her struggles with grieving. She read my blog post and thanked me for sharing it with her. Apparently, though, a woman from AA also read that blog post. She read more of my blog and responded to the blog posts about rape in AA with victim blaming statements such: she had not had those experiences in AA, that I needed to try different meetings, that AA helps a great many people, and then she quoted the serenity prayer to me. But the thing is that she did not do this on my blog, but on this woman’s post about grief in a Facebook support group. Thus she victim blamed me for speaking out about rape in AA while turning a post about grieving into a post about AA.

What I began to notice after this is that I quickly found myself in a number of difficult situations. I got victim blamed for sharing the fact that some of my abusers have traits of anti-social personality disorder (one has actually been diagnosed as such), a guy told me that I shouldn’t be a writer because I “can’t handle it”, and my abusive family members were still trying to get a hold of me even though I cut contact with them. I also realized that I was seeing more fights and trolling on Facebook than usual as well as more posts with people opening up about their troubles. I wondered if there may be some sort of planetary influence, so I asked my Paganism group if there is anything that is going on right now that would cause people to act differently than usual. Someone told me that Mercury is in Retrograde.

I looked into what this means and found that Mercury in Retrograde happens when Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun. This causes an illusion where Mercury looks like it is moving backwards. This event can cause people to be more sensitive than usual, and it can also cause you to question yourself and your life. One website also said that it can bring about bad luck such as misplacing things more frequently. All of this backed up my idea that something was going on that is causing people to act strangely.

So I started to pay attention to posts on Facebook just to see what kinds of patterns might come up. What I noticed is that there is a lot of scapegoating going on and that there are some common themes. For example, it seems as though there is a lot of talk about religion right now, especially Christianity, in groups that have nothing to do with religion. For example, in a group that I am in for survivors of narcissistic parents, there was a post about narcissists where people were talking about how narcissists are all devil worshipers, possessed, influenced by the devil, and even are reptilian. It was pretty strange, and even though I’ve been through a ton of narcissistic abuse I still think that calling narcissists such things is just another form of scapegoating and/or denial. Yesterday there were two different threads about God and Christianity in a depression support group.

So it seems, then, like people are more sensitive right now and are acting off of emotion more so than usual. It also appears as though people are delving into topics such as spirituality and religion quite a bit.

Even though a lot of strange occurrences can be explained by Mercury in Retrograde, it is still important to consider whether this is a true phenomenon. What I found in my research is that many scientists dispute the idea that planetary alignment or events can have this kind of effect on people. Even so, many people still strongly believe that astrological events can influence people.

What do you think about the idea that planetary alignment can influence people’s behavior? Have you noticed any difference in behavior from yourself or people that you know? Feel free to share!

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