I Regained Another Lost Skill Yesterday: Pendulum Magic

Patrick was having an especially hard time yesterday. He wasn’t feeling well and didn’t eat very much. We tried to feed him small meals throughout the day, but by the end of the evening (9 pm or so), he had not even eaten half of his daily allotment of food.

I asked Patrick why he wasn’t eating and he told me that he wasn’t sure. He complained about his belly hurting and told me that he just wasn’t feeling well all over. He has arthritis in his back and knees and I felt intuitively that this might be flaring and also wondered if he is having a feline herpes flare.

Patrick came to sit with me at about 9:15 last night. I noticed right away that he sounded really stuffy, which means that he is likely having a feline herpes outbreak. He can feel pretty crummy when this happens to the point of where he doesn’t want to eat. Add chemotherapy and cancer medications into the mix, and I can totally understand why he wouldn’t feel like eating right now.

Even so he let me know that he was still hungry and wanted to eat. I wondered if I should try some alternative methods of healing with him. So I had a discussion with him about my healing abilities and what that meant. I told him that I am not strong enough in my healing to cure him, but that I can help him to feel better. Then, for the first time, he directly asked for a healing session.

My main go to for any kind of healing, divination, or magic is to do so through the use of the pendulum. This is because my Grandma taught me how to use it as a child. My Grandma was a dowser or “Water Witch”. What this means is that she would use a specific kind of shaped tree branch in order to find well sites for people who lived in rural areas. The dowser will walk around with this tree branch or rod above their heads, and the rod/branch will drop when the dowser walks above an underground source of water. Even though there are all kinds of equipment today for well placement, I remember her dowsing up until she passed away about 20 years ago.

One problem with dowsing is that sometimes the water witch will help to find a well site or underwater stream but will not find problems with the site by using dowsing alone. This is because the use of the dowsing rod itself will tell you if there is an underground source of water but won’t tell you specifics about that water source. My Grandma would use pendulum magic, then, in order to find out specific information about the well site, such as: what is the direction of the water, how fast is it going, how deep is it, etc. This helped people plan ahead before placing wells and helped to find truly successful well sites.

In order to find the answers to these questions, my Grandma would say thinks like “Spirit, how deep is the water?” and then look at the the way that the pendulum moved to get her answer. When she felt that she was close to the correct measurements, she would then begin to ask the pendulum yes/no questions. Soon enough she was able to plot out and draw diagrams for her clients as to what the underwater stream looked like. She was known for her success with dowsing and taught me to do it as well.

I just realized that I have not yet told you my Grandma’s. Her nickname/name to me was G.G., which stood for Grandma Grandma as I am an identical twin. G.G. also taught me some healing methods where you place your hands on or above someone and/or do sweeping motions around someone’s body to rid them of negative energies. She also taught me ways to heal with the pendulum. These techniques have been passed down through generations of my family, though, so the truth is that I don’t know how much they coincide with healing techniques today. And because I haven’t had training outside of my family, I always feel kind of weird talking about it. But the truth is that what I learned works, and that I am what is considered a hereditary witch.

Before I was forced into sex trafficking in AA, I was pretty good at using the pendulum. Whether it was for healing or divination, I always seemed to be able to connect with it. When I used it, it would usually take off and move in large circles, which tells me that I was connected to guardian angels and spirit(s) very well before the trauma in my adulthood occurred, as well as myself.

It was about a year ago when I decided to pick up the pendulum again. I did this because our cat Marmalade was dying of cancer, and I wanted to make him as comfortable as I could at the end of his life. I tried to find areas of his body that needed release and attempted to balance his chakras. But I found, to my dismay, that my skills in this area were yet another set of skills that was lost due to trauma. It seemed as though my natural connection to the pendulum just wasn’t there anymore. I was pretty disappointed.

But I kept trying anyways. Even though I didn’t see very much movement when I used the pendulum to heal, Marmalade and the other cats did respond to it a little. So despite my frustration, I continued to try to use it.

I also applied healing techniques such as healing by my hands to the cats, and especially to Patrick once he started getting sick. But Patrick doesn’t always like hands on healing because his symptoms will flare before they lessen. That’s why this time, when he asked for healing, I decided to try pendulum magic.

So, I held the pendulum over Patrick’s head in order to balance his energy. To my surprise it really starting swinging on it’s own! I decided then to call upon some of Patrick’s guardian angels to help with his healing. I told Patrick to think about G.G. and some other family members and that they are here to help us. Then, I remembered that David had a grandmother who loved cats. So I asked David what her name was, and he said Grandma Avis.

I then told Patrick that Grandma Avis is here too and invited her into our session. Suddenly the pendulum just picked up. It was going around in big circles over Patrick’s head. David saw this too, and we were both pretty amazed by it.

Patrick got a lot calmer and relaxed quite a bit for the rest of his session. After it was over, he became really cuddly with me for quite some time. Before bed we attempted to feed him again, and he actually ate!

It’s kind of funny to me that my skills will just sort of come back if I practice something enough. I can see where a person could call this a miracle, but I call it science. I’ve just noticed that if I activate a brain pathway that is involved with a certain skill or memory enough that my skills and the memories associated with them will eventually return one by one. It just takes some work and hope in order to get there.

Thanks for reading! I’ll keep everyone updated as to how my efforts to improve my cognition are going!

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