Patrick can be a little brat!

I’ve been practicing animal communication, and have found that it isn’t what I expected. While I hate to say this, I am discovering that Patrick is more bratty than I realized! I always knew that he had a bit of an attitude problem, but now that I can actually talk to him I realize that he has more attitude than I ever knew. It’s actually kind of cute!

The other night, I went into the bedroom to give Patrick some attention before he got his medications. I walked in and exclaimed “Hi Patrick!”. I smiled really big and did a little wave that I do with the cats that means “hi”. He then looked at me with a grumpy look and said, “What’s the big deal?”

Between then and now Patrick has also said a few things to let me know about what kinds of communication he likes and doesn’t like. I frequently talk to the cats in baby talk or with a baby voice. Patrick was sitting on my lap a few days ago, and I started talking to him like a baby. He then said in a frustrated voice, “More baby talk?” He definitely seemed annoyed with me. I guess that I’m going to have to be more careful about how I talk to him from now on!

Yesterday he made another comment about his dislike of David’s cats Tempest and Perdi. Patrick was laying on the waterbed in our second bedroom when Perdi decided to jump up on the bed in order to socialize with him. But Patrick just jumped off the water bed immediately. So I said, “Patrick, you don’t want to spend time with Perdi?” And he replied in a very firm voice, “I don’t like her.”

It’s very interesting to be able to communicate with your cat. Sometimes it is very sweet and helps me feel a certain type of connection with them, but sometimes they say things that remind me of Garfield when he’s in a bad mood. It’s quite entertaining overall.

Thanks for reading!

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