More Examples of Animal Communication with our Cats

Although I have been talking to the cats the last few years, I’ve faltered on some of our in home communication because I was focused on how to get us out of abusive situations and keeping us safe from abusers. This means that the cats’ cooperation for very basic things has fallen a bit in recent years.

Lucy used to be perfectly fine with getting his nails trimmed but over the last few years has started protesting and biting me when I do it. Because of this, David has to come over and restrain him in order for me to do it. This really scares Lucy. So last night when he started to get aggressive during nail clipping, we had a discussion about this problem.

As Lucy tried to bite me, I reminded him of what will happen if he continues. I said to him, “Lucy, do you want David to come over here and help?” He stopped for a moment, but then continued to try to bite me aggressively. So I said in a firm yet loving voice, “Lucy, if you don’t stop biting David’s going to have to come over here and help me with this.” Lucy then immediately stopped biting and calmed down. I was able to clip his nails without him showing any aggression or biting.

Now I understand that some of you may frown upon my discipline of my cat, but I find that it is empowering to him. It gives him a choice as to what happens next, and it keeps him from having to be restrained.

Later on, Perdi refused to leave the bedroom when Patrick was eating his leftovers from dinner. She just wanted the food so badly and was running around and trying to hide here and there in the hope that I would break down and let her join Patrick. I was able to pick her up and when I began to leave the room, she attempted to scratch me. So we had a talk about this.

“Perdi”, I said, “You know that it hurts when you scratch?” And then I exclaimed the word that I’ve trained them to mean hurt–“Owie!” She immediately looked at me and gave me four eye kisses, which in our house means “I love you” as if she was trying to either apologize or be let off the hook. It was very cute!

This morning Patrick was very unhappy because he got fed late. David changed his feeding time to after I woke up because Lucy had to be dropped off at the vet at 8:30. Lucy is having ultrasounds and other testing today in order to check on his GI tract due to Irritable Bowel Disease and to see if his cancer has returned. Even though he is in remission he needs to have rechecks every six months.

Patrick was unhappy about not just his late food time, then, but also the fact that Lucy was not at home. He let me know by whining loudly and asking me telepathically about where Lucy is. I explained to him that Lucy is at the vet and that he and I will pick him up later today. He continued to show his disapproval but has calmed down now. He is currently sleeping on my lap.

As you can see, animal communication takes some work. But, if you talk verbally to cats they will learn to understand you. And if you are what is called an “animal empath” you may find that you have a gift in this area. I’m an animal empath myself.

Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you updated on both my life and the cats! Remember that there is life after trauma.

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