My Latest Experiences with Animal Communication: The Continuation of My Journey into Becoming What is Commonly Known as a “Pet Psychic”

I am currently working on Animal Communication, which means that I am learning how to communicate telepathically with my cats. I am doing this for a few reasons: in order to help my cats cope with their health issues, to build a better connection with them, and just because I think that it sounds cool.

So, of course, I was expecting my cats to say meaningful, profound, and loving things to me. Because of this, I was caught off guard by Patrick’s comment to me the other night.

Our routine for feeding our four cats is this: Perdi is fed in one room, followed by Tempest in another, and then Patrick and Lucifer are fed last. This way, we can watch Patrick and Lucy eat and make sure that they are both eating their own portion of the food. The other day I began to feed the cats and picked up Patrick and Lucifer’s food first instead of Tempest and Perdi’s. Once I realized this, I exclaimed “Goodness! I almost forgot about Tempest and Perdi.” Suddenly, Patrick looked up at me and said telepathically and rather assertively, “That’s fine.”

I was pretty shocked, as I’ve always thought of Patrick as a sweet and friendly cat to both cats and other animals alike. Apparently, though, he either isn’t too fond of the other cats or has a selfish side. My boyfriend told me that cats are known to be selfish, and this seems to be true too of ours!

Patrick’s statement to me today was on the serious side. He was sitting on my lap while I was watching tv, and turned to me and said, “I’m sorry for being so sick mommy (he has cancer)”. It was really sweet and sad all at the same time. Since then I’ve been trying to reassure him that it’s okay that he’s sick, and that it’s not his fault.

Patrick also tells me some nights about how he is afraid to die and other things that he finds scary or challenging right now. He is aware that his remaining time on this earth may be short and has a lot of feelings and questions about this. I’m helping him through this as best as I can, and we are exploring ideas of what happens after death together. I also work on helping him connect to our ancestors and to Marmalade so that he can see that there is a life after death, and so that these spirits can tell him themselves about their experiences with life after death. Because he is so sick right now he is able to contact and enter the spirit world quite easily.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in your comments if you’ve had any experiences with Animal Communication.

4 thoughts on “My Latest Experiences with Animal Communication: The Continuation of My Journey into Becoming What is Commonly Known as a “Pet Psychic”

  1. What a wonderful discovery!

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    1. Thanks! I’ve read that anyone has the aptitude for Animal Communication, that it’s innate within all of us. For me, once I opened myself up to the true possibility of it, I began to hear my cats just a little.

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      1. I have taken numerous classes through the years, and I enjoy communicating with my dogs, cats, and birds. I wish everyone would hear their pets!

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  2. I agree! I am learning that animals share many of the same fears, thoughts, and feelings that we do about so many things in life! I wish that everyone could understand this. Hopefully, these stories that people like you and I share will help others to see that like us animals are living, breathing creatures who are a part of this world, just like we are.


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