Animal Communication is Really Great!

Patrick and Lucy are talking to me here and there today. I am currently experiencing antipsychotic withdrawals. I went to lay down for a little while and Patrick said, “I’m sorry that you’re sick mommy.” I replied back and said “What a compassionate boy!” At that point, I really felt a deep connection to him that is deeper than I’ve ever experienced before.

My Psychiatrist wants me to go on an antidepressant. I’m hesitant, though, because of all of the problems that I’ve had with them in the past. So I decided to ask Lucy for his opinion. I said, “Lucy, do you think I should go on antidepressants?” and he quickly and emphatically answered “Yes!” So I guess if my cat thinks that I am depressed and should take medication, then it’s probably something that I should try. Animal communication is turning out to be a pretty great thing!

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