The reality of dealing with a cat who is sick: An Update on Patrick’s health and our home

Patrick went to the vet yesterday so that we can find out why he isn’t eating much. I was very concerned that his intestinal lymphoma might be worsening. After some testing, it was found out that his cancer has not spread. I am very happy about this. The vet thinks though that he has peptic ulcers, so he has been put on a few more medications. We are also still waiting on his bloodwork, which should be back by the end of the week.

One of his new medications has some eating requirements around it: Patrick cannot eat an hour before or two hours after taking it. He has to take it three times a day, so now we are having to change Patrick and Lucy’s eating schedule. It usually takes Patrick two tries to eat his food, so arranging his schedule around a medication with these requirements will take some juggling. Last night though we were off on our timing and he missed the second part of his dinner! So far today we are on schedule and Patrick is eating his food.

It can be very difficult and time-consuming to take care of a cat who has cancer and to take care of special needs cats in general. Right now Patrick’s medication times are 7:45, 3:45, 8:30, and 11:30, and he is on 9 regular medications plus others like anti-nausea that we decide on each day. His brother is also on a lot of medications (7) and takes his medications twice a day. Four of their medications are given twice daily, and the rest are given once a day. The reason why they are on so many medications is due to the symptoms of Patrick’s cancer, Lucy’s irritable bowel disease, and they both have bladder cystitis and a tendency towards bladder crystals on top of all of this. Both cats also have arthritis, with Patrick’s in his knees and Lucy’s in his back (he has disc disease), and Patrick has cardiomyopathy and has had a few strokes.

You might be wondering how the cats got all of these health conditions. Cardiomyopathy is congenital for one. The rest of their health conditions also seem to be genetic and arise mostly from inflammation and allergies. They have both always had allergies (Patrick has even had granules and hives), so I have always been aware that they were both prone to inflammation and health issues. I didn’t, however, realize that this could result in so many health problems later on, including intestinal cancer. Inflammation really can have a large effect on the body, as I am learning with my own health conditions as well. So today I am doing everything that I can to reduce their stress because this, in turn, reduces inflammation and slows down and prevents the progression and flares of their physical health symptoms.

Since I’ve really worked on making our house a happy place they have not had any bladder infections and Patrick has not had any blood clots or strokes. In order to increase the positivity around the house, I’ve put crystals in strategic places, and put certain ones next to where I and the cats regularly sit or sleep. I also am working on my own reactivity so that I am less prone to pick fights with David. I try to take care of myself so that I can better bring love and compassion to everyone in the home.

Patrick also has a funny eating schedule. After he started chemotherapy, he began to prefer smaller meals. So, right now he is eating four meals a day. The result of a lot of this is that David and I base our schedule around the cats feeding and medication time so do not get out much. We really are pretty homebound, but that’s okay. I actually love taking care of others who are sick, although sometimes I get tired of giving so many medications!

While I’m happy that his cancer is not spreading, I’m concerned about Patrick’s ulcers. I hope that he can eat with these new medications and I worry about how much pain he is in. I don’t pray often, but I did send out a short prayer last night to the Universe to help him be comfortable despite all of this. Even though his cancer diagnosis is terminal, I hope to make the last of his life as happy and pleasant as it can be. He still seems to be happy despite his discomfort, and last night communicated with me that he feels like he is in a loving and supportive environment and that he is very happy and grateful for this. Love and support can make all of the difference for those who are sick.

Patrick’s lab results from yesterday also told us that Patrick is anemic. The vet didn’t tell us about treatment for that yet, but Lucy is also anemic so I assume that Patrick will be treated with the same medication as Lucy. I am nervous as I await the rest of the results from Patrick’s bloodwork but am going to try my best to live my life anyways over the next few days. Today, though, I think that I’m going to rest and take a nap! I’m exhausted because of dealing with all of mine and my cats’ health issues.

Thanks for reading! I’m going to post more about the cats in the future such as the story of their rescue, how I leashed trained four cats, animal communication, and my first visit with our deceased cat Marmalade. Stay tuned!

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