Patrick’s eating again after I performed healing on him

As you may know, our cat Patrick is battling intestinal cancer. As of last night, he was refusing his usual dry food and would only eat a few bits of wet food. I was worried and decided to try some hands-on healing with him. I’ve read that one Shamanic healing technique is to take a person or animal’s illness into yourself and then heal yourself. Although I know that I have natural healing abilities, I had been afraid to try this out of fear that I would not be able to heal myself and would get sick.

I decided to try this method, though, with Patrick last night. I put my hand on his belly, and energetically pulled his illness and negative energies into my own body. I then let myself heal overnight. I do feel tired today but overall do not seem to be harmed by this experience.

Just a few minutes ago, David let me know that Patrick has actually started eating again! He ate all of his dry food this morning, which he hasn’t done now for a few days or longer. I know that my attempt at Shamanic healing must have helped him along with the other treatments that we are using to help him to eat.

We will know by the end of the day tomorrow if his cancer has progressed. I hope that it has not, but if it has I do now know another way to help him to heal and cope with cancer. The technique that I tried came naturally to me.

I want to tell all of you who are reading this, though, to not just jump in and try this healing technique if you aren’t versed in these types of abilities. My ability to heal myself did not happen overnight and has taken work to accomplish, and I would not want anyone to get sick by trying to take on another’s illness based off of what they read on this post. The truth is that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and others, but it can take time to be strong enough to really recognize and harness this truth within ourselves. Over time, I expect my healing abilities to grow stronger as I try different methods of healing on myself and others.

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