The story of when my cat and I unknowingly went to a nude beach

So far all of my blogs have based around serious, sometimes traumatizing subjects and have included some pretty difficult parts in them.Because of this, today I am going to write a funny story about one of my cats. I love writing good stories, but am a bit out of practice when it comes to writing, so know that my blogs should get better over time!

I leash trained my cats as kittens. Today they don’t walk outside too much (they are 13) but when they were younger they loved to go on walks and hikes in the woods, especially my cat Lucifer (Lucy). On a Spring day in 2006, we decided to try out a hike to a beach called Teddy Bear Cove in Bellingham, Washington. We started hiking at Arroyo Park, a nearby trail head that was about a mile away from the Teddy Bear Cove trail head. The trail to the cove is about half a mile long at the most. This might seem like a lot for a cat to walk, but at the time Lucy was in great shape and enjoyed walking that far.

Our hike down to Teddy Bear Cove was great, and Lucy enjoyed the walk. He did have to stop and take breaks sometimes. During his breaks I would pick him up and carry him a little ways, and then he would start to jump down on his own when he was ready to walk. I was very proud of him, and he rewarded himself for his hard work by digging around and playing in the white sand at the beach for some time.

On our way back up the trail our luck changed. The trail down to Teddy Bear Cove is short and steep with switchbacks, and the walk back up, albeit short, has an elevation gain of at least a few hundred feet. We were about halfway up a switchback when Lucy suddenly stopped. I looked around and saw that a couple of switchbacks up a man who looked to be in his mid 40s was jogging down the trail completely in the nude! I looked down at Lucy and could tell that he was extremely frightened. I decided to stop to let the man pass and pulled Lucy to the side of the trail. As he got closer, Lucy went into guard mode and stepped in front of me while rearing up on his hind legs to attack. Despite this, the man started to jog right up to us. I leaned down to pick up Lucy in order to prevent him from attacking the guy (Lucy can be an aggressive cat when he feels threatened) as the man continued to come our way.

Despite Lucy’s obvious distress and growing aggression, the man came right up to me and asked what time it was. I told him “about 3:30”. He then just continued running down the trail away from us. I stood there holding Lucy, shocked that this man didn’t notice the danger he was putting himself and me in (sometimes if I pick up Lucy when he is aggressive he will start to hiss, claw, growl and bite and end up biting me). I guess that the man just didn’t understand that some cats really can hurt a person when they are upset. I put Lucy down, but he wouldn’t walk… so I ended up carrying him a mile and a half to the car.

After this, I asked around and found out that Teddy Bear Cove is actually a nude beach in Bellingham. If I would have known this, I never would have taken Lucy to it. I have gone back though a few times on my own or with friends and family because the cove itself is so beautiful. I moved away from Bellingham a few years ago and do miss the beauty, trails, and parks there.

Not everyone understands that some cats are strong enough to walk/hike miles at a time,but mine did when they were at an age that they could. Some people also don’t understand that certain cats will attack when provoked and will also attack when their owners are in danger. Luckily my cats are not afraid to defend me, but when it isn’t fully justified I have ended up in some sticky and embarassing situations!

That’s all for now. I hope that you enjoyed a lighter blog post today. There will be more stories to come that I will post in between my more serious blog posts. Stay tuned!

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